Summer League 2019

Summer League 2019

By Phill Collins
19 February
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We need your help to make this event happen this year!

Since 2007 the club has run a successful mixed summer league, for all players aged 13 and over, covering 10 weeks in May, June and July. It provides a great opportunity for a mid-week run around, sometimes in the glorious evening sunshine and sometimes in torrential rain and hail. Either way we have had between 50 and 90 people take part every year since we started all those years ago and we would like to continue that offer this year.

The Summer League does take some organising, however, and we need 2 or 3 people to run it for us this year. The work required is as follows:
Collate the names of all those players who want to take part,
Ensure that payment for all players has been received and processed,
Allocate players into teams, based on gender and capability
Organise umpires for the games
Update league tables weekly
In addition we need Captains for each of the teams.

So, our ask in the email is twofold. First, please let me know if you are prepared to help organise and run the summer league for us this year, and second, please let me know if you want play and/or umpire for the league this year. If you volunteer to umpire you can get your match fee repaid for each game you cover and if you are part of the organising group you can play for free. We have all of the required forms and event schedule in place already and will support any volunteers that agree to take this on.

Please note that we need the organising group in place by 9th March so that we can recruit players and confirm numbers by mid-April.

Please note that we will not be able to run the league this year if we do not get enough volunteers to help run it.

As always, I am completely open to any suggestions that you may have about how to make the event better.


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