Sat 09
OMT [4] Demons
Mens 4th XI
Aylesbury & Tring Kites v OMT

Aylesbury & Tring Kites v OMT

By Stephen Best
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Aylesbury & Tring Kites v OMT

Winner winner chicken dinner. Another win for the 4s.

Thou the thing is each time we win both captains arent there as i had other commitements ??.

The 4s travelled over to Watford area to play OMT. From the report back we used a flat 442 formation. Going into the lead 1 - 0 in the first half. We were much confident on the ball and not panicking. Switching it from side to side. Gary Abel playing centre mid in the first half, leading by example in how to play strong hockey.

Into the 2nd half the score went 1 - 1. We were settling on a draw. Hoping to get at least a point.

Bit of a swap in a player positioning. The senior players dropping back into defence.

10mins to go and we popped in a 2nd goal to grab 3 points.

Great result!! ?

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Match date

Sat 09, Mar 2019




MBBO Open League - Division 8 East

League position

OMT [4] Demons
Aylesbury 4