Sat 16
Mens 4th XI
Leighton Buzzard [4] Fledglings
Aylesbury & Tring Kites v Leighton Buzzard

Aylesbury & Tring Kites v Leighton Buzzard

By Stephen Best
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Aylesbury & Tring Kites v Leighton Buzzard

The Kites 2nd last match was a very enjoyable game at Halton aganist Leighton Buzzard.

We started off mellow and quiet and Leighton Buzzard had the upper hand with some quite skillful kids up front. It was looking like we were set for another beating.

Playing a 433 formation Gary and myself placed in the middle to set the tempo and control our play. Well I was defensive mid and Gary centre mid.

Nearing half time we started to come alive and knock the ball about. But Leighton still had the upper hand. Their goals came from some great set plays and short corners and a little bit of lack of communication from our backline.

5 mins before half time I thought I d have a go at heading the ball. I can advise I dont recommend doing it, the ball is hard ??. Just to clarify it hit me from a flick up of our right back. It gave me an excuse to come off for a break as i m recovering from a cold ?.

By half time the score was at 3 - 2 to Leighton Buzzard.

Half time talk was about being much more louder and keeping our shape. Using the whole width of the pitch.

Well I can say the half time talk worked.

Cause the 2nd half was largely dominanted by us, the kites. If they were to make a film about the 2nd half, it be labelled the great fight back. Out of the dust the kites grew stronger. I might be getting a little carried away with that description??

But we did dominant the 2nd half. Using our wingers more effectively. And getting round the back of Leighton.

Leighton managed to score another goal bringing the score to 4 - 2. So this required a little jiggle of position. Gary Abel dropped back to sweeper showing his verstile skills.

I progressed up to be striker and played very high to try create a gap in the oppos defence.

Phill Horrocks did what he does best and dominated the middle.

James Morton playing the whole game in left back and showed his strength of confidence to drive the ball up the pitch.

Oh Paul Owen had to dash off at half time cause he had some concert party to attend ?. Alrite for some but he put a great shift in.

One of our goals came from one of our younger members of the team, joe Price. An awesome drive down the wing to sweep it in which was to be our 4th goal. I think that was Joe s debut goal, I think. Well done ?. It s a great sight to see the kids grow in confidence playing alongside the adults.

Joe s goal sealed the final result to be 4 - 4.

2nd half was a awesome fight back by us and to be honest a fair result for both teams. Allowing for an enjoyable game.

I think we scored before Leighton did in the 2nd half but I cant remember. Had a bang on the head ?. But didnt stop me being inches away from scoring on one ocassion

Our other goals came from the Tring half of the team.

On a whole it was a great team effort to get back into the game and grab a point.

Well done guys!!!!

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Sat 16, Mar 2019




MBBO Open League - Division 8 East

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Leighton Buzzard [4] Fledglings
Aylesbury 4